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Alexandra Castillo, Product Safety Manager in Tradecorp: “There is still a lot of work ahead. The REACH Regulation did not end on May 31”

The REACH regulation, related to the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical products has been one of the great challenges for Europe´s chemical industry and has become a benchmark for other markets around the world.

Tradecorp, fully REACH compliant

Tradecorp has taken all the needed actions to comply with the three deadlines established by REACH. As of May 31st, the last deadline established by the regulation, all of our substances have been registered and Tradecorp is fully compliant with REACH.

Pilar Gallego, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Tradecorp: “Any action, project or contribution on our behalf in EBIC is strategic and could mark our future in the biostimulants market”

We talk with Pilar Gallego, Global Regulatory Affairs Director at Tradecorp since 2004. Throughout her long career at Tradecorp, Gallego has experienced firsthand the evolution of Tradecorp, which has gone from being a small Spanish company to being one of the great players in the plant nutrition market on a global scale.

Tradecorp successfully completes REACH registration of the solid chelates

Tradecorp has recently completed the registration of the entire range of solid chelates, complying with the rules of REACH as manufacturer of this strategic product range.