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The Malaysian company Advansia and their clients visited Tradecorp factories

Tradecorp’s Spanish factories received a special visit by the Malaysian company Advansia and their clients this past month.

Tradecorp clients visit our factories in Spain

Within the past months, Tradecorp´s factories have been visited by various clients which allowed them to gain insight on how Tradecorp products are created, controlled, and tested.

Tradecorp upgrades and expands its facilities for the synthesis of EDDHA in Spain

The renovations of the Ávila facilities (Spain) will allow Tradecorp to increase its synthesis of EDDHA by more than 30%, with the environmental objective to reduce energy consumption.

New Packaging for Tradecorp’s Solid Products

Tradecorp has made a significant investment in its Sanchidrián factory (Ávila, España) to incorporate a new packaging system with several advantages, such as an improved image for the bags for the solid products and the possibility of a new packaging of 500 g.

Once again Tradecorp organizes its Operación Kilo and donates 1380 kg of food to Cáritas in Spain

At the end of 2016, Tradecorp carried out, for the fourth consecutive year, Operación Kilo, a campaign in which food is collected and distributed to families in need in Madrid, Arévalo, and Albacete. The food collection points were located in the central office in Madrid, as well as in the factories in Albacete and Sanchidrián.

Tradecorp extends its Sanchidrián factory

The new Sanchidrián industrial unit will allow to increase Tradecorp’s storage capacity, as well as the installation of a new packer for the solid product range.