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Women in science and technology: the key lies in increasing visibility and the availability of female role models

In the textbooks of millions of schoolchildren around the world, women only account for 7.6% of the scientific and technical role models. 

“From Science to Table”: understand how is science used and implemented in agricultural production

We all enjoy sitting at a table full of appetizing and delicious fruit and vegetables, but have you ever wondered where the food came from, and the process that it followed to reach your table?

International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Day 1: Camila Levy, Research and Development Manager at Tradecorp

Today marks the first day of our Women and Girls in Science Campaign. One this day, we would like to feature Camila Levy, of the R+D department.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science – Day 2: Rebeca Vicente

Today is day two for our three-day Women in Science campaign.  On this day, we recognize Rebeca Vincente, coordinator for Tradecorp’s chemical R+D department.