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Crop growth stress: the use of biostimulants beyond environmental stress 

Certain biostimulants have very specific roles in helping prevent and recover crops from environmental and weather stresses. 

Carlos Repiso will speak about stress prevention and the importance of priming at Biostimulants Europe 2018

Carlos Repiso, Biostimulation R&D coordinator at Tradecorp, will delve into the importance of stress prevention, new technologies for stress detection and the priming effect of Phylgreen at Biostimulants Europe 2018.

New Investigations on the Phylgreen range in collaboration with Queen’s University

The prestigious Queen’s University (Belfast, North Ireland) has recently finished the first phase of a new study on the Phylgreen range, specifically on the performance of the extract of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum against abiotic stress in plants.

Tradecorp presents physiological nutritional strategies for soy, corn, and cotton at the Mega Agro Forum (Brazil)

On Monday, December 5, Tradecorp Brazil presented their new physiological nutritional strategies at the third edition of the Mega Agro Forum in São Paulo.