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Tradecorp reorganises its sales structure in France to gain a stronger foothold in the market 

Over the last two months, Tradecorp has strengthened its foothold in France to better meet the needs of its customers, adapt to new market situations and stimulate growth in the country.

Jorge Aguilar, appointed Marketing Director at Rovensa’s Crop Nutrition business unit

Jorge Aguilar, until now the Marketing Manager of the Crop Nutrition division at Tradecorp Spain, has recently assumed a new position as Marketing Director for Rovensa’s Crop Nutrition business unit.

Getting to know Tradecorp: A closer look at East Africa

Over the past 16 years, Tradecorp has been instrumental in helping farmers in Kenya increase the yields and quality of their crops. Based on this success, the company has recently branched out into Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and is currently planning to also work in Rwanda and South Africa.

Tradecorp’s support for Unicef will help to treat more than 1,500 severely malnourished children

Thanks to the participation of our company’s team, collaborators, clients and suppliers in our campaign “Tradecorp wants to help less fortunate children grow”, we have made a donation to Unicef that will help to treat more than 1,500 severely malnourished children for a day.