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Well Balanced Agriculture

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Tradecorp presents Cash Coat®, a new tool for successful plant establishment

The world is currently facing the combined challenges of feeding a growing population whilst also protecting the environment and producing renewable sources of energy.

Tackling obesity, a healthy diet saves lives 

Today, 4 March, is World Obesity Day, a day in which we can join forces to bring awareness and help combat this progressive disease, whose prevalence has rocketed in recent decades. 

Ecocert approves over 50 Tradecorp products for organic agriculture in 2019

More than ever, there is a market trend steering towards products and solutions that are organic, and environmentally friendly.

IsliFe 8.2 named one of the Top 10 Novel Fertilizers by Agropages

Tradecorp has won 4th place in “Top 10 Novel Fertilizers,” in the AgroPages Awards for its latest innovation, IsliFe 8.2. Launched in July of 2018, IsliFe 8.2 is the first biodegradable iron chelate stable under alkalinity conditions.

Relive the IsliFe Innovation Forum with the making-of video

Now you can relive the IsliFe Innovation Forum, with the making-of video.

Olympic Athlete, Concha Montaner, will be present at the Tradecorp and Idai Nature stand at Fruit Attraction

Montaner will raise awareness among farmers about the importance of supporting healthy and sustainable agriculture.