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Top quality potassium means top quality harvest

High quality Potassium is essential to achieve best results in fruit quality. As all sources of Potassium are not the same, Tradecorp launched “K, the Key for Quality”, a campaign aimed at promoting effective Potassium options and solutions, as well as explaining the importance of this macro nutrient in crop nutrition.

Why is Potassium the Key for Quality?

Potassium is one of the most important elements for plant development that plays an essential role in ensuring the quality of crops. Potassium is involved in many functions within the plant, and for that reason even minor deficiencies can have a large impact on the overall yield and quality of the crop.

Using a top quality Potassium can benefit your crops by:

  • Improving fruit colour, making it more attractive to the consumer
  • Increasing flavour and nutritional value thanks to its role in the translocation of sugars and nutrients
  • Optimising enzymatic activity in plants
  • Improving opening and closing control of stomata as it is the key nutrient that controls this process
  • Increasing the thickness and hardness of stems, thanks to its role in the plant lignification process
  • Increasing weight of produce
  • Increasing marketable yield
  • Maximizing the Return On Investment

Tradecorp’s Potassium specialties

After decades of research and continuous product development, Tradecorp is a benchmark company in the specialty Potassium market. Our highly efficient potassium solutions have been proven globally, providing consistent and excellent results in terms of quality and yield.

  • Final K: for high quality fruit finish with enhanced uptake due to the inclusion of anti-blocking agent. (Liquid)
  • Amifol K: for high quality fruit finish, low scorch risk and enhanced uptake due to the inclusion of L-α Free Amino Acids. (Liquid)
  • Pumma Kalidad: promotes osmotic balance in the plant, is boosted with an abiotic stress relieving biostimulant and improves sugar transport to the fruits. (Solid)
  • Folivex K: powered by Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract & L-α Free Amino Acids, balanced with other nutrients and target for mid-crop cycle. (Liquid)

k The Key for Quality