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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp and Baltic Agro at “Rāmava” 2017

Tradecorp and Baltic Agro at “Rāmava” 2017

Tradecorp and their exclusive partner, SIA Baltic Agro, were present at Ramava, part of “Pasavaris 2017”, an agricultural exhibition held in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia. The fair brought together over 350 agricultural exhibitors and 13,500 visitors for four days of showcases from several different sectors including agriculture, gardening, forestry, cattle breeding, and industrial equipment.

Tradecorp and their partner Baltic Agro focused on showcasing products, such as Spray Plus and Trafos Mg-B-Mn-Fe for improved foliar fertilization and application, and providing their signature technical advice for farmers and clients who visited their stand. Further, Tradecorp reminded its visitors about the importance of water quality, plant nutrition, and plant needs.

To see a recap of the event, check out the videos here!