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» News » Tradecorp, at the Biostimulants Conference in Italy 

Tradecorp, at the Biostimulants Conference in Italy 

After the success of the first Biostimulants Conference, the event organized by ARPTRA and Fruit Communication entirely focused on biostimulants, the Biostimulants Conference 2021 returns, with four sessions, 30 partner companies and dozens of participating experts.

The event, which was attended by over 500 people last year, will be held online this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Biostimulants Conference Programme

The virtual curtain will go up on Tuesday 23 February 2021. The first online webinar is set to discuss the present legislation on the use of biostimulants. During the day, the speakers will also be offering useful tools to suggest future scenarios for regulatory aspects and integrated crop management.

The Conference continues on Thursday 25 February, with a virtual meeting on biostimulants and functional abiotic stress, centring on the study of physiological mechanisms that regulate the response of plants to abiotic stress.

On Tuesday 2 March, discussions will be resumed with insights into using biostimulants to potentially manage abiotic stress.

Biostimulants and plant vigour will be the main theme of the webinar on Thursday 4 March. During this session, the discussion will focus on the aspects that link biostimulants to plant abilities to adapt to changing environmental conditions.


Camila Levy, speaking about abiotic stress and the losses it causes

Camila Levy, R&D Manager in Tradecorp

Camila Levy, R&D Manager in Tradecorp

On Thursday 25, Camila Levy, the Global R&D Manager of Tradecorp, will be giving a speech entitled: “Losses caused by abiotic stress – how to prevent them?”

“The main necessities for good plant nutrition management go further than the simple application of nutrients. Today, abiotic stress caused by environmental conditions (frost, temperature, salinity, drought, light, etc.), has a strong impact on the physiology of the plant and therefore in the yield and quality of the product. Moreover, the incidence of these conditions is repeated across the entire crop cycle, posing a challenge to its success and farmer profitability”, Levy explains.

“In this scenario, biostimulants can improve establishment, crop vigour and stress prevention and aid damage recovery to reduce negative effects on crops. However, there is huge variability in the biostimulants’ mode of action and there is a widespread lack of knowledge on the subject. To select the right biostimulant at the right time is as important as the quality of the product itself.  In this sense, Tradecorp offers a comprehensive management strategy for enhancing the understanding of stress alleviation and the paradigm of biostimulants across the whole cycle” she adds.

In order to illustrate these facts, Camila Levy will be giving some practical examples on how to understand biostimulants during her talk, basing management on Primactive technology and the need for high level research to continue making progress in farming, despite a negatively evolving climate.


Join the Biostimulants Conference

The digital event is totally free and available on the website. In the “virtual room” you will find a Tradecorp stand with downloadable videos and brochures. In addition, one of our Tradecorp experts will be on hand throughout the event to answer any queries or questions you may have about Tradecorp Biostimulants.

We look forward to seeing you!