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Visit Tradecorp at the Intagri Congress in Mexico

From the 10th – 12th of July, Tradecorp’s technical representatives will be present at the Intagri Congress. This event allows people from the entire sector at an international level to share their innovative ideas and products dealing specifically with the nutrition and physiology of plants.

The Intagri Congress will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico and over 800 professionals from the agricultural industry will attend. It is the ideal place to discover new technology and products available on the Mexican market.

Presentation of IsliFe 8.2 at Intagri Congress

The Tradecorp Mexico team will also be presenting IsliFe 8.2, which is at the heart of Tradecorp’s spirit for innovation, being an efficient and biodegradable chelate.

Over a decade of work has gone into the creation of IsliFe 8.2. This novel iron chelate corrects and prevents iron deficiencies under unfavorable conditions such as calcareous and alkaline soils with extreme pH conditions. Its unique chelating agent allows for efficiency together with  gradual biodegradability. The product’s properties allow for high iron availability throughout the entire crop cycle.

About Intagri

Intagri is the Institute for Technological Innovation in Agriculture (Instituto para la Innovación Tecnológica en Agricultura). It was founded in 1998 and for nearly a decade has been hosting this congress. Here, international specialists from the nutrition sector will gather in one place to share ideas and new technologies.