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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp attends the Maharashtra Grapes Congress in India

Tradecorp attends the Maharashtra Grapes Congress in India

Tradecorp will be present from the 3rd – 5th of August at the annual Maharashtra Grape convention in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, located in India. Stop by stand I-1 in order to receive personalized technical advice and learn more about the solutions Tradecorp offers to better your grape crop’s quality and yield.

In addition, Tradecorp and Idai Nature team members will be giving speeches dealing with technical aspects that can effect a crop’s lifecycle. On one hand, Jose Nolasco, Strategy and Innovation Director at Tradecorp, will be giving a speech titled, “New concept on abiotic stress management through precision biostimulants with high performance.” During which, he will not only explain the necessity for the correct management of crop nutrition, but also illustrate novel solutions to achieve it.

On the other hand, Natalia Muñoz, trial technician at Idai Nature, will be giving a speech titled, “Natural solutions to protect and heal the grape crops.” During which, she will be speaking about biocontrol solutions for table grapes, why they are important and the latest trends on biocontrol worldwide.

About Maharashtra Grapes

This annual congress is organized by the Maharashtra State Grape Growers Association and displays the world’s best technologies to maximize grapes’ quality and productivity. In addition, it is also the perfect space to share innovative ideas with the Indian market.