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Tradecorp clients visit our factories in Spain

Within the past months, Tradecorp´s factories have been visited by various clients which allowed them to gain insight on how Tradecorp products are created, controlled, and tested.

In September, the company factory in Albacete was visited by clients from Iran. This past month, clients from Mexico visited the facilities of the factory in Sanchidrián. Few weeks ago, the factory in Albacete was visited again by eight distributors from Egypt.

Clients reported that the factory stood out amongst others in the industry, because of the rigorous quality controls put in place to ensure product quality. The visitors were pleasantly surprised that the products undergo exhaustive quality controls along with the raw materials, which are the essential base of a good quality product. This is why they are also subject to exhaustive quality controls in order to guarantee maximum quality in the final product.

The visitors from Mexico, stated that what stood out to them the most was the machinery and processes used in the drying tower of the factory in Sanchidrián. They were also surprised by the laboratory equipment that allows for the solubility and effectiveness demonstration of the chelates. They also noted that this factory has two laboratories, one of which focuses on the development of new mixtures and the other, on analysis and quality control.

The Egyptians and Iranians highlighted the recently renovated laboratory facilities at the Albacete factory, which have a floor exclusively dedicated to quality control and another strictly for development. They were also struck by the labeling machine that supplies the the entire Sapec Agro Business group and applies labels with instant drying technology.