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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp collaborates in the charity race “Porque Viven” in Arévalo

Tradecorp collaborates in the charity race “Porque Viven” in Arévalo

The charity run “Porque Viven” (Because They Live), organized by the Arévalo Sports Club, will take place on April 23rd in Arévalo. The participants will run 5.2 kilometers to help raise money which will be donated in full to the following entities:

  • “Porque Viven” Foundation, which provides the human and material resources to care for children with incurable diseases and to support their families.
  • PYFANO Association, association of parents, relatives, and friends of kids with cancer of Castilla and León, which helps to improve the quality of life for kids with cancer and their families.
  • New Dawn Association A.C.P. Of Physical and Psychic Disability in Arévalo and surrounding regions, which favors the integration and develops personal skills of its associates.
  • Association AFA, Association of Family Members of people affected by Alzheimer, which works to improve the quality of life for people with Alzheimer.
  • Association AFEMAR, Association of Fibromyalgia patients from Arévalo and surrounding regions, whose objective is to help improve the quality of life of people affected by Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • NGO Ayúdanos a Ayudar (Help Us to Help), which helps families in social vulnerability and risk of entering into Social Exclusion and sending food and medicine to camps in Africa and orphanages in Nepal.

In addition, in order to collaborate with the cause even if you do not want to participate in the race, the organization has created the Zero Dorsal, which allows donations without needing to sign up to be in the race.

To find more information about “Porque Viven,” visit their Facebook page: