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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp decreases the use of plastic in its packaging, reducing 115,000 kg per year of its CO2 emissions  

Tradecorp decreases the use of plastic in its packaging, reducing 115,000 kg per year of its CO2 emissions  

Tradecorp, a Rovensa company specialized in micronutrients and speciality fertilisers, eliminating the use of 35,000 kg of polyethylene per year, which corresponds to the emission of 115,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year 

 This measure is being implemented in all Tradecorp’s industrial plants in Spain and will decrease in 25% the amount of plastic used in its one-litre packaging bottles and 11% in five-litre bottles.  

 By reducing its packaging’s environmental impact, Tradecorp not only decreases the use of plastic (less use of polyethylene), but also diminish the CO2 emissions of its packaging’s transportation and distribution (less fuel). 


Sustainable pattern of production and consumption 

David Martin-Industrial Director

David Martin-Industrial Director



Tradecorp’s Industrial Director, David Martín, explains that “this measure reflects our company’s environmental commitment towards a more sustainable pattern of production and consumption. Together with our suppliers, we are collaborating to identify and implement new opportunities for waste reduction, energy efficiency and decarbonisation. We only use what we need, without compromising the quality or the appearance of our packaging. It benefits all, inclusively to reduce our client’s own waste”.




The measure is the result of the regular verifications that Tradecorp carries out to validate and ensure the quality of its products through which the company detects opportunities of improvement. These verifications also guarantee that, despite the reduction in the amount of plastic, the bottles still have the same quality, and the product is not affected. These new bottles not only protect Tradecorp solutions safely, but also ensure its resistance, quality, and design.  

All these initiatives are part of the company’s sustainability plan, which already includes the use of 100% renewable energy in all Tradecorp’s plants in Spain, as well as the use of recycled cardboard in its boxes. The next projects on the agenda include reducing the weight of its boxes and the use of recycled plastic in its bottles.   

“At Tradecorp, we are determined to guarantee sustainable production and consumption in our factories by reducing energy consumption, emissions, waste generation and water use”, concludes David Martín. 


Addressing the sustainable development goals through packaging:

SDG 12, Sustainable Production & Consumption, and SDG 13, Climate Action 

  • Tradecorp’s work on packaging supports 2 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG12, SDG 13), and is part of Rovensa Group’s commitment to contribute to a net zero future. As a Rovensa Company, we are taking action to cut plastic packaging and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions to stop climate change and its impacts. 
  •  Tradecorp’s environmental commitment is also aligned with the EU’s “Fit for 55”, which sets a 55% reduction-target in carbon emissions by 2030.  

About Tradecorp 

Tradecorp, a Rovensa company, is a global benchmark in the biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition sector developing and manufacturing premier and innovative solutions that are marketed in over 60 countries worldwide. Tradecorp provides a comprehensive premium portfolio of products globally adapted to local agronomic conditions and includes solutions such as biostimulants, chelates, and precision foliar fertilisers. 

 Recent strategic acquisitions such as Microquimica, in Brazil, and SDP, in France, have led to unprecedented growth in the company and further expansion of Tradecorp’s differentiated portfolio, by incorporating microbiological solutions, such as inoculants and bacterial extracts, as well as cutting-edge adjuvants.   


About Rovensa Group 

Rovensa Group is a global leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture, which comprises bionutrition, biocontrol and crop protection solutions to help farmers to produce safe, healthy and nutritious food for all. Supporting our mission of feeding the planet, our 1,700 employees across more than 30 countries, strive every day to leading the change in food production system through a well-balanced agriculture, which aims to preserve and enhance soil health, environmental health, and human health. 

 With agricultural solutions sold over 90 countries worldwide, Rovensa offers a complementary portfolio of environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for plant health & care. From our 20 R&D Experimental Centers and Laboratories across the world to more than 800 agronomists in the field, we are working closely with farmers to help them to do more with fewer resources. 

 Rovensa recognizes its responsibility to use its knowledge and experience to drive progress on sustainable agriculture to contribute to zero hunger in the world. The Group companies’ portfolio includes a winner of the 2020-2021 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE), awarded by the European Commission.