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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp Spain celebrates its first Master Class about olive trees

Tradecorp Spain celebrates its first Master Class about olive trees

The Master Class about olive trees took place in the Institute of Agrarian Training and Fisheries of Andalusia (IFAPA), in its center in Alameda del Obispo in Córdoba. This event was born from the collaboration between Tradecorp and the IAS-CSIC (Institute of Sustainable Agriculture of the Higher Council for Scientific Research) for the investigation of the disease Xylella fastidiosa in the olive trees.

The Master Class puts the production and investigation sectors in contact with one another and stimulates the exchange of information needed to face the challenges that come with modern olive trees growing, like increasing the production and quality of the oil within a framework of respecting the environment and profitability for the farmer.

The session included the highest experts in vegetal health, improvement, and irrigation of the olive plant:

  • Doña Rafaela Ordóñez, Director of the IFAPA of Córdoba, and Don Leonardo Velasco, Director of the IAS-CSIC, gave the welcoming address
  • Javier López, professor at the University of Córdoba
  • Blanca Landa, highest authority in Spain in Xylella fastidiosa in wooded crops
  • Manuel Ruiz, expert in pests of the Department of Plant Protection of the Council of Andalusia
  • Don Javier Hidalgo, irrigation specialist of the IFAPA
  • Don Luís Rallo, professor emeritus of the University of Córdoba, and Don Diego Barranco, also a professor at the University of Córdoba

At the end of the session, attendees had the opportunity to consult the experts and participate in a discussion with researchers and technicians.

Tradecorp would like to thank all the attendees and speakers for their participation.

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