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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp exhibits at the Aneberries fair in Mexico

Tradecorp exhibits at the Aneberries fair in Mexico

Tradecorp will be present at the Aneberries fair from the 31st of July to the 2nd of August in Guadalajara, Mexico. This annual congress is vital as it deals specifically with the berry crop, one of the key crops in Mexico.

Stop by stand 18 in order to receive personalized technical advice and learn more about our solutions to better your berry harvest. In addition, experience one of Tradecorp’s latest innovations, IsliFe 8.2, through a virtual reality experience. Over a decade of work has gone into the creation of IsliFe 8.2. This novel iron chelate corrects and prevents iron deficiencies under unfavorable conditions such as calcareous and alkaline soils with extreme pH conditions. Its unique chelating agent allows for efficiency together with gradual biodegradability.

About Aneberries

With networking and a commercial area, the Aneberries conference facilitates knowledge of the sector while promoting and defending commercial interests and allowing for innovative technical information to be shared. This ninth annual congress will focus on social responsibility and sustainability, fundamental aspects for the proper development of the berry sector.

About the berries’ market in Mexico

The berry crop is essential to the Mexico’s agricultural sector, being that it is third most exported agricultural product in Mexico. In addition, Mexico produces 800 million tons of berries throughout 21 of its 32 states. Jalisco, where the fair will take place is a key player in this market as it accounts for 60% of all berry production in Mexico.