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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp extends its Sanchidrián factory

Tradecorp extends its Sanchidrián factory

The new Sanchidrián industrial unit will allow to increase Tradecorp’s storage capacity, as well as the installation of a new packer for the solid product range.

This new investment is included within the extensive investment program for the improvement of Albacete and Sanchidrián installations started in 2013 to respond to a ever growing and more challenging demand for our products. A wide range of improvements have already been carried out within this program in Sanchidrián, amongst them:

  • Cooling system optimisation to increase the EDDHA synthesis capacity and reduce energy consumption at the same time
  • Spray dryer isolation optimisation for a more efficient energy use in the drying of our products
  • Refurbishment of the factory’s lighting and coverage system for maximum energy efficiency

Moreover, a full refurbishment of the global aspect of the factory is being carried out, with special highlight of offices and meeting rooms.