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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp, gold sponsor of Farm to Fork Europe 

Tradecorp, gold sponsor of Farm to Fork Europe 

Tradecorp is a gold sponsor of the Farm to Fork Europe conference entitled Emerging opportunities and trends in european agri-food & the role of biostimulants in the next-gen food chain.”  

This event, organised by the European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) and New Ag International, aims to promote a more sustainable food chain. Farm to Fork Europe seeks to create a virtual platform for all the agents in the industry, where they can participate and interact to shape European agri-food so that is aligned with consumer demand as well as enabling businesses to deliver and regulatory institutions to approve. It also aims to create a space for exchanging knowledge, sharing experiences and generating new ideas. 

This virtual event is scheduled to take place from 22-24 June and is set to bring together key companies, institutions and representatives from the agri-food industry.   

Leveraging the power of investment 

Leading industry experts will be sharing their knowledge via a series of presentations and digital meetings. These figures include representatives from the EBIC, the FAO and the European Commission, among other organisations 

José Alfredo García, the Bionutrition COO at Tradecorp, will be giving a speech entitled “The long game for investees: leveraging the power of investment in your company over time”, in which he will explain how to create value for the different stakeholders in the value chain. The talk is scheduled for 22 June at 11.45 am.    

“The long game for investees: 
leveraging the power of investment in your company over time”
by José Alfredo García

 22 June 
11.45 am 

For attendees interested in learning more about Tradecorp and how our company can help in meeting the Farm to Fork challenges, we have scheduled a live chat room where our team will be available to assist visitors.