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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp invests more than US$ 1 million in its first Global Biosolutions Research and Innovation Center in Brazil

Tradecorp invests more than US$ 1 million in its first Global Biosolutions Research and Innovation Center in Brazil

Campinas (São Paulo State, September 19, 2022) – Tradecorp Brazil, a Rovensa Group company, has announced an investment of more than US$ 1 million in a new Global Biosolutions Research and Innovation Center, located in Hortolândia (São Paulo State). The company’s first innovation center in Brazil aims to develop new biosolutions for the country and other international markets where Rovensa Group operates to promote a more sustainable agriculture worldwide and contribute to the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population.

The first of its kind for Rovensa Group outside of Europe, this Global Research and Innovation Biosolutions Center was created in Brazil based on the substantial growth that the country’s agricultural sector has seen in the last 10 years.

Eric van Innis, Chief Executive Director at Rovensa, during the presentation of the new Global Research and Innovation Biosolutions Center, celebrated last September 17 in Campinas, São Paulo State.

“The Brazilian agricultural industry has seen significant investments from the public and private sectors in the last decade, making it an important and strategic market globally,” says Rafael Leiria, Operations Director, Tradecorp Brazil. “Brazil represents a new frontier in sustainable agriculture that we believe has the ability to contribute to the world’s food supply in a quality, safe and environmentally friendly manner.”

Aligned with the objectives set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, the research at this new center will focus on biological and sustainable solutions that can improve the efficiency of nutrient and water use, quality of crops, and the quality and life of soil using microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria.

As it is located in Brazil, the center will begin its research to address local challenges for farmers within the country, but the solutions will be applicable to other markets around the world.

Tradecorp’s mission is to enable a balanced and sustainable agriculture worldwide, through healthy and safe solutions, and to be an ally to farmers, helping them increase yield, quality and fruit size in a sustainable manner. “We work hand-in-hand with our local growers to create solutions that work for them, and we are using that knowledge to drive our research at this center. However, we will be creating biosolutions that are applicable globally, in all of the markets where Rovensa Group operates, to work towards enabling a more sustainable agriculture worldwide”, adds Rafael Leiria.

The new center will be led by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team under the management of Dr. Johana Rincones Pérez, allowing for multiple projects to be developed simultaneously. In the laboratory, the fermentation processes, based on fungi and bacteria, will be carried out with prototypes being produced and evaluated in a greenhouse or field. At the same time, results of chemical bioanalysis and molecular biology of the microorganisms involved will be evaluated and tested in model plants.

From left, Jorge de Almeida, Country Director Tradecorp Brazil; Eric van Innis, Chief Executive Director at Rovensa; Rafael Leiria Nunes, Operations Director Tradecorp Brazil; and José Alfredo García, Chief Operating Officer, Bionutrition at Rovensa.

Tradecorp’s Sustainability Promise 

As a company with sustainability at its core, Tradecorp takes a holistic approach, promoting internal initiatives aimed at mitigating its impact on the environment, while also investing in innovation to encourage the adoption of sustainable products externally.

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent opening of the Joint Research Unit in Madrid, Spain in April of this year, when Tradecorp International launched Biological Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture. Aligned with the goals of the Rovensa Group, together, these two new research centers further demonstrate Tradecorp’s commitment to promoting a healthy and balanced agriculture and providing biological solutions that can help to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, such as a growing global population, climate change and environmental preservation.

The opening of this research center in Brazil strengthens Tradecorp’s presence in the market and put the company in a leading role in the development of biosolutions that will improve productivity and sustainability in the country’s agricultural sector. This project is framed within “The answers lie in our hands”, an initiative led by Tradecorp aimed to face global challenges to transform food production through a sustainable improvement of agriculture by collaborating to eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition worldwide.