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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp joins UNICEF program “Multiply for Children”

Tradecorp joins UNICEF program “Multiply for Children”

Tradecorp has recently signed a cooperation agreement with UNICEF, whereby we join the “Multiply for Children” initiative. Through our commitment, we will contribute to the Schools for Africa project.

The agreement was signed by Nicolas Lindemann, executive director of Tradecorp, and Manuel Lopez de Miguel, president of UNICEF-Committee of Madrid. Nicolas Lindemann expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the agreement, which “represents a new step in the Tradecorp commitment to social responsibility and respect for human rights, in this case, of childhood”.

About Schools for Africa

“Schools for Africa” is an initiative founded in 2004 by UNICEF together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Peter Krämer Foundation to create Friendly Schools for Children, that give underprivileged children a safe environment where they can learn and play. This initiative will offer children from thirteen countries in Africa quality education, as well as providing other services, such as water, health, food and sanitation, among others.

Learn more about Schools for Africa in the following video: