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Tradecorp Mexico joins PROCCYT

From July 1st, Tradecorp Mexico becomes member of the association for Crop Protection, Science and Technology, A.C. PROCCYT.Tradecorp shares with A.C. PROCCYT the philosophy of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility. Between their ideals is a more competitive Mexico, promoting good agricultural practices, supporting farmers with productivity programs and more effective and environmental-friendly products.

With this affiliation, Tradecorp Mexico will participate in various PROCCYT programs:

  • BUMA – Good use and handling of farm chemicals: We offer to our customers safe and efficient products. We innovate through new technologies meeting the most stringent standards of quality, safety and environmental health.
  • CAR – Legal Framework for the sector: We comply with the applicable regulations and standards, providing certainty to our customers.
  • COTRA – Our goal: 0 security incidences: Promote actions that ensure the development and maintenance of effective security programs at workplace, risk prevention, etc.
  • SINTOX: We now have the backing of SINTOX providing free telephone counseling 24 hours for emergencies in poisoning by products used in the care of the crops, as fertilizers.


Participation in the association Campo Limpio

In addition, we will participate in the association Campo Limpio, which represents 90% of the industry. This association promotes and provides training about the practice and culture of the technique of triple washing, collection, compacting and sending to final destination empty containers of products for the protection of crops and related.

Campo Limpio, is governed under a Empty Containers Management Plan for all the products for agricultural production registered with SEMARNAT and the guidelines of the FAO Code of Conduct.