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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp Mexico team restores Huentitán Natural Park

Tradecorp Mexico team restores Huentitán Natural Park

In August, the Tradecorp Mexico team joined forces with partners, friends, family and neighbours in “Transforming a space 2015”. With this action, the near-on 200 participants worked together to restore the park, reforesting it with 110 trees and 150 ornamental plants, and restoring and painting 36 spaces in the park’s recreational area. They also participated in a workshop on urban gardening.

This activity was carried out as one of Tradecorp’s Corporate Social Responsibility actions, relating to the environment and surrounding communities. It also symbolises a core part of Tradecorp’s commitment, as a plant nutrition company, to feed the world sustainably, promoting actions which enhance people’s quality of life and respect the environment.