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Tradecorp at the National Pomegranate Annual Seminar

On the 6th & 7th January, 2018, Tradecorp will be present at the National Pomegranate Annual Seminar (Rashtriya Dalimb Parisaunwad). The event is focused on the Pomegranate market and held by the Maharashtra Pomegranate Growers Research Association.  More than 2000 farmers are expected to attend the seminar.

Additionally, it will host an exhibition area where you can come to our booth to learn more about Tradecorp and the solutions we can provide to maximize the potential of your crops. Our technical experts will be glad to assist you and offer their professional and personalized advice.

+ Learn about our clients’ experience with Tradecorp program for Pomegranate

Cathal Daynes, at the National Pomegranate Annual Seminar

Cathal Daynes, PhD Agronomist, Tradecorp’s Technical Product Manager in Asia Pacific, will present at the seminar. He is with the company since 2014 and previous to this his background is in plant physiology and soil sciences including commercial and research experience in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. His talks at the event will cover the following topics:

  • Soil Structure and Soil Health
  • Management of Abiotic Stress in Pomegranate


About the Pomegranate Growers Research Association

The Maharashtra Pomegranate Growers Research Association, Pune is a co-operative apex organization of Maharashtra State Pomegranate Growers, established for giving technological knowledge for growing quality fruits & information about domestic and overseas markets to growers members of societies who have the basic infrastructure of storage, transport, cold storage and other facilities. The current president is Shri. Shahajirao Narayanrao Jachak.

National Pomegranate Annual Seminar