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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp participate at the 2nd International Microbioma Congress

Tradecorp participate at the 2nd International Microbioma Congress

Tradecorp presents Ultra-Efficient Biostimulation, its cutting-edge technology that uses an exclusive, sustainable plant fermentation process

  • The company has developed this technology as a scientific response to growers’ needs.
  • This unprecedented breakthrough puts Tradecorp in the global spotlight in the field of innovation and sustainability, and places it at the forefront of the microorganism industry.
  • Microbioma2 is the leading European knowledge transfer event in the field of microorganisms applied to agriculture.

Tradecorp, a leader in biostimulation and sustainable agriculture solutions, is participating in the 2nd International Microbioma Congress, the leading European knowledge transfer event in the field of microorganisms applied to agriculture.

The congress, which is to be held in Cartagena (Murcia) on 3 and 4 November, will be bringing together experts, growers, companies and the scientific community, who will be showcasing the latest advances in biostimulation, plant health, fertilisers and legislation. An on-site turnout of over 1,200 professionals is expected at this essential event as well as over 2,000 connections online with experts from the United States, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Italy, France, India and China.

Tradecorp, which is one of the congress’ gold sponsors, will be introducing the technology behind ultra-efficient biostimulation in a presentation entitled: “Ultra-Efficient Biostimulation. A scientific answer to growers’ needs”, given by José Nolasco, Tradecorp’s Strategy & Innovation Director.

  • This state-of-the-art technology uses a unique bacterial strain and an exclusive, sustainable plant fermentation process. This unprecedented breakthrough puts Tradecorp in the global spotlight in the field of innovation, sustainability and places it at the forefront of the microorganism industry.
José Nolasco-Strategy & Innovation Director in Tradecorp International

José Nolasco-Strategy & Innovation Director in Tradecorp International

In this sense, “this biostimulation technology has been validated in the field through a global strategic development plan, involving a programme of agronomic trials in strategic crops and in key geographical areas. The results have shown that positioning has been carried out in fruit swell and development, as well as determining the ultra-efficiency of this biostimulation technology”, states Jorge Aguilar, Marketing Director at Tradecorp.


After several years of studies carried out by our research teams, Tradecorp has demonstrated that the combination of more than 200 bioactive ingredients is responsible for the high efficacy of this product at ultra-low doses. “This is a major breakthrough compared to other biostimulants on the market,” explains José Nolasco, Tradecorp’s Innovation and Development Director.


“This technology and manufacturing process creates products with a biostimulant effect based on the synergic action of multiple biochemical substances, resulting from the digestion of complex sugar cane molasses as a substrate. The final product does not contain live bacteria, which guarantees longer shelf life and stability”, adds José Nolasco.


Thanks to Tradecorp’s exclusive process, a biostimulating effect is obtained during the fruit swell and development stages, increasing the quality parameters of the harvest and the yield, and providing differentiation and commercial profitability for the grower, all from a sustainably sourced and manufactured product.


Tradecorp’s development strategy centres on advanced techniques such as genomics and transcriptomics to cater for the evolution of the market and growers’ demands. Tradecorp’s R&D teams include research groups located in benchmark research centres and highly prestigious universities around the world.

Alejandro Navarro-Research Development Techn-Camila Levy- Research and Development Manager and Lydia Ugena_Research and Development Specialist

  • Alejandro Navarro-Research Development Techn & Camila Levy– ( on the center) Research and Development Manager & Lydia Ugena -Research and Development Specialist


Tradecorp’s R&D work is providing new crop technologies based on different microorganism extracts and on live microorganisms. “Our mission is to supply new solutions and technical knowledge and correctly position these products on the market thus ensuring that growers’ needs are covered thanks to our portfolio of sustainable biostimulants”, concludes Jorge Aguilar.

About Tradecorp

Tradecorp, a Rovensa company, is a global benchmark in the biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition sector developing and manufacturing premier and innovative solutions that are marketed in over 60 countries worldwide. Tradecorp provides a comprehensive premium portfolio of products globally adapted to local agronomic conditions, which includes solutions such as biostimulants, chelates, and precision foliar fertilisers.


Recent strategic acquisitions such as Microquimica in Brazil, and SDP in France, have led to unprecedented growth in the company and further expansion of Tradecorp’s differentiated portfolio by incorporating microbiological solutions, such as inoculants and bacterial extracts, as well as cutting-edge adjuvants.


About Rovensa Group

Rovensa Group is a global leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture, which comprises bionutrition, biocontrol and crop protection solutions to help farmers produce safe, healthy and nutritious food for all. To support our mission to feed the planet, our 1,700 employees in over 30 countries strive daily to lead changes in food production systems through well-balanced agriculture, which aims to preserve and enhance soil health, environmental health, and human health.


Rovensa’s agricultural solutions are sold in over 90 countries worldwide and offer a complementary portfolio of environmentally friendly, innovative solutions for plant health and care. We cooperate closely with growers to help them to do more with fewer resources via our 20 R&D experimental field centres and laboratories across the world and our 800-plus agronomists working in the field.


Rovensa recognises its responsibility to use its knowledge and experience to drive progress on sustainable agriculture so it can contribute to zero hunger in the world. Its company portfolio includes a winner of the 2020-2021 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE), awarded by the European Commission.


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