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Tradecorp plants 200 trees

Thanks to the participation of clients, suppliers and the Tradecorp team in the campaign “Plant a tree with Tradecorp”, 200 trees have been planted in the National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama, in Madrid (Spain), in collaboration with the NGO Reforesta.

The reforested trees are native to the protected area and included holm oaks, cork oaks, juniper trees and gall oaks. To ensure the survival of the trees, the NGO Reforesta will water the trees 6 times: 4 in the summer of 2014 and twice in the summer of 2015. In addition, trees shelters will be replaced and watering basins will be restored.

This reforestation follows the action initiated in 2012, when many of the members in the teams in Madrid’s office, laboratories and factories reforested 240 trees in this region. In this case, the reforestation fulfilled a double objective: on the one hand, to contribute on the recovery of a protected area and, on the other hand, to encourage environmental awareness in the team.