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» News » Tradecorp presents Cash Coat®, a new tool for successful plant establishment

Tradecorp presents Cash Coat®, a new tool for successful plant establishment

The world is currently facing the combined challenges of feeding a growing population whilst also protecting the environment and producing renewable sources of energy.Moreover, regulations are becoming more restrictive and are pushing for a decrease in the amount of chemical pesticides and for improvements in resource efficiency. For instance, the European Green Deal and the microplastics regulation will soon become binding.

  • At Tradecorp, a global benchmark in biostimulation and in the sustainable crop nutrition sector, our mission is to feed the planet through healthy and safe solutions to create well-balanced, sustainable agriculture.
  • Tradecorp presents Cash coat® seed cereals, a new tool for successful plant establishment. This patented microplastic-free seed enhancement formulation is based on biostimulants obtained from natural sources and is designed for small-grain cereals.


Rapid, uniform field emergence is key

Today, more frequent weather extremes are having an impact on grain productivity in Europe, and abiotic stress is considered to be the main reason for poorer yield growth rates in wheat.

Although a range of physical and chemical treatments have been used with seeds for a long time, new substances and microbial inoculants, as well as new seed coating techniques are bringing new opportunities. In a context of climate change and new restrictions on synthetic plant protectants, it is important to help the plant help itself, relying on seedling and plant vigour to cope with adverse conditions.

Rapid, uniform field emergence in a broad range of environments is key to efficient resource capture, weed control and resistance against stress.


Microplastic-free formulation to contribute to the UN’s SDGs

Irrespective of their source, microplastics are persistent, universal pollutants. When products containing them are used, microplastics can be released into the environment where they remain for centuries, as they are not biodegradable.

The use of microplastics is raising concern due to their accumulation in the environment, uncertainty in terms of human health, and the difficulties in detecting them, even under the microscope. Recent studies have shown that these plastic particles block seed pores, delaying germination and root growth.

Moreover, the first European microplastics regulation will soon be coming into force, to move the EU towards a circular plastic economy and contribute to reaching the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals by preventing and reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment, especially the marine environment, and on human health.


Well-balanced, sustainable agriculture

The Farm-to-Fork Strategy focuses on building food production systems based on alternative agricultural intensification programs which promote nutrient-use efficiency, reduce the need to control disease and pests, increase water-use efficiency and conservation, and which restore soil fertility, thus reducing inputs while maintaining high productivity levels.


Cash coat®. Better establishment, Better resilience, Better yield!

Cash coat® seed cereals provides faster, more uniform germination, root stimulation and better nutrient uptake. Thanks to Cash coat’s® patented technology, each seed receives an accurate dosage and uniform dressing, ensuring biostimulant action.

To demonstrate this seed performance enhancement, Tradecorp, in conjunction with the Landlab research centre, has put together a time-lapse video showing the improved vigour and better rooting of the Cash coat®-treated seeds.


The efficient use of resources depends on successful plant establishment in the field to ensure good crop yield. The vigour of seeds defines their ability to germinate and establish seedlings rapidly, uniformly, and robustly in diverse environmental conditions.

Cash coat® seed cereals triggers a cascade effect which leads to Better establishment, Better resilience, and Better yield!