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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp presents physiological nutritional strategies for soy, corn, and cotton at the Mega Agro Forum (Brazil)

Tradecorp presents physiological nutritional strategies for soy, corn, and cotton at the Mega Agro Forum (Brazil)

On Monday, December 5, Tradecorp Brazil presented their new physiological nutritional strategies at the third edition of the Mega Agro Forum in São Paulo.

Among the products presented at the forum are Pumma, Tradecorp Mn, and Phylgreen, which are specific to the soybean, corn, and cotton crops and aim to increase profitability and relieve plant stresses.

The Mega Agro Forum is an event that brings together many specialists of the sector as well as the 100 biggest producers of Brazil to discuss the issues and trends of the agriculture industry.


About Pumma

Pumma is a NP fertilizer specifically designed to achieve an optimal nutritional condition of the crops during the first stages of the cycle. In addition to Nitrogen and Phosphorus, Pumma contains S, Mg, Mn, Zn, B and Mo together with plant biostimulants to boost the initial development of the crops. The biostimulants in Pumma promote plant processes and help to prevent yield loss due to abiotic stress, particularly stress due to osmotic imbalances caused by excessive heat, cold and salinity. Pumma is free from Chlorides, Sodium and Carbonates. Pumma has rapid solubility, low EC, and is particularly effective as a foliar application and also effective when applied by fertigation.


About Tradecorp Mn

Tradecorp Mn is a Manganese EDTA chelate, presented in the form of  soluble  micro-granules  (WG).

Tradecorp Mn is indicated for the prevention  and correction of deficiencies and imbalances in manganese assimilation because it provides the necessary manganese, totally chelated and stable, in a soluble form that can be assimilated by crops.


About Phylgreen

Phylgreen is pure seaweed biostimulant, obtained from cold extracted Ascophyllum nodosum. The Gentle Extraction process used in the manufacture of Phylgreen preserves all the active ingredients, without denaturalization and ensuring their bioavailability for the plant.


Phylgreen is recommended for all kinds of applications but is especially effective during critical growth stages and to overcome environmental stress situations.


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