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» Uncategorized » Tradecorp ReEvolutions the biostimulant market with Biimore

Tradecorp ReEvolutions the biostimulant market with Biimore

Tradecorp ReEvolutions the biostimulant market with Biimore, the ultra-efficient bacterial extract derived
from an exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation process

  • India will be the first market in the internationalization of this product, that consolidates Tradecorp as a benchmark in biostimulation worldwide
  • With a unique and breakthrough formulation, Biimore allows for an ultra-efficacy performance at ultra-low doses
  • It is recommended for fruit swell and development, horticultural crops, fruit trees and from pre-flowering in broadacre legume crops

Tradecorp launches Biimore, the ultra-efficient biostimulant that places the company at the global forefront of innovation and sustainability. With this new incorporation, Tradecorp continues reinforcing its portfolio of new generation of sustainable products based on primary and secondary compounds that are obtained from natural sources.

Initially developed for the dynamic Brazilian market, where it became the country’s first registered biofertilizer, Biimore counts with years of successful use and more than 100 field trials on different crops worldwide. Now Tradecorp is internationally presenting this novelty, which is set to jumpstart another ReEvolution in farming starting with India as first market (marketed as Quikon), before Tradecorp will expand it globally.

Ultra-efficacy at ultra-low doses

The main feature of Tradecorp new launch is its extremely high efficacy at ultra-low doses. In fact, the standard dose recommended by Tradecorp is between 20 and 200 mL per hectare and application, depending on the crop, which is a 10 – 40 times lower dose than what is normally recommended for other biostimulants.

“Years of experience in Brazil and our global field trials program in numerous crops and countries have been decisive in adjusting the dose required to achieve maximum efficacy at ultra-low doses”, explains Camila Levy, Tradecorp´s R&D Manager. “This enables us to count on comprehensive knowledge and experience when bringing this revolutionary product first to India and later the world. And we are not finished. We will continue developing more trials and analysis to ensure an even greater understanding of the product”, she adds.

According to Tradecorp, the reason behind Biimore’s ultra-efficiency is its unique combination of primary and secondary compounds, including L-α amino acids, vitamins, sugars and traces of other natural compounds. The combination is so unique they compare it to a “fingerprint”: “There may be other products on the market with a similar composition, but none of them can replicate the unique combination of primary and secondary compounds found in Biimore”, explains Cathal Daynes, the Tradecorp Global Technical Manager.

To make the most out of this ultra-efficient biostimulant, Tradecorp recommends applying its new biostimulant for fruit swell and development in horticultural crops, fruit trees and from pre-flowering in broadacre legume crops. “An ultra-low dose of Biimore is enough to achieve impressive results: particularly increased fruit size and quality, along with an increase in yield. It is a state of the art tool to help growers produce what markets are demanding in terms of quality, yield and sustainability, while meeting market trends”, states Jorge Aguilar, Global Marketing Director at Tradecorp.

An exclusive and sustainable production process

Biimore is naturally obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane molasses using a specific strain of Corynebacterium glutamicum bacteria. Microquimica Tradecorp, the firm’s subsidiary in Brazil, developed a meticulous production technique specifically for agriculture that has been consistently refining.

The manufacturing process for Biimore involves the precise application of factors, such as pH, time, temperature and light to control fermentation. According to Tradecorp, any minimum variation would turn this biostimulant into a completely different product.