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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp registers Phylgreen for the French market

Tradecorp registers Phylgreen for the French market

Tradecorp strives to improve the quality, efficiency and yield of crops. That’s why we always try to develop the right solutions for producers and farmers. Towards this, this year we are launching Phylgreen in France, which is already registered and approved.

A strategic registration for Tradecorp France

Tradecorp France has just obtained the agronomic additive approval for the Phylgreen range (AMM n ° 1180062). After the success of the products within the Seaweed range, Tradecorp France now offers its customers a product made 100% based on Ascophyllum nodosum pure extract.

The launch of Phylgreen allows us to expand our biostimulants range in France. The unique formulation of Phylgreen ensures that farmers and growers improve the quality and yield of their crops.

Tradecorp launched Phylgreen at Les CulturalesOn 5th and 6th June, Tradecorp used Les Culturales as the platform from which to promote the launch of Phylgreen.

The agricultural sector faces many challenges: climate change, market requirements, environmental expectations, economic constraints, regulatory changes.

Inspired by the exhibition’s philosophy of transferring and sharing the latest agronomical advances with as many people as possible, the Tradecorp France team discussed with visitors and customers the wonderful benefits of using Phylgreen seaweed on their crops, especially arable crops and vegetables.

About Phylgreen

Phylgreen is a liquid seaweed extract based on 100% Ascophyllum nodosum pure extract. This brown seaweed comes from a highly stressful environment, subject to constant tidal action, and so the seaweed plant has developed a high number of anti-stress active ingredients to survive, such as alginates, mannitol and polyphenols, among others. In addition, the seaweed is harvested by hand in a sustainable way.

In Tradecorp’s factory in Ireland, unique Gentle Extraction technology is used, a method of cold extraction, which preserves all the active ingredients from the seaweed without the addition of chemical substances. Tradecorp combines this unique technology with its experience in biostimulants and specialty fertilisers to create anti-stress solutions which nourish and enhance the metabolism of all crops.