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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp remodels its factory in Albacete, Spain

Tradecorp remodels its factory in Albacete, Spain

In line with the growth and new challenges the company faces, Tradecorp launched in 2013 an extensive program of investments to improve the facilities of our production plants. With these investments, we seek to respond to an ever-increasing demand of our products, while improving our ability to provide more complex solutions with higher quality.


Within this program, in 2013 we made major investments in the Albacete factory, among which are:

–        The establishment of a loading dock and the increase in storage capacity, which has allowed us to improve the security of our facilities and the productivity and flexibility of our logistics operations.

–        The installation of a new packaging line of 1, 5 and 20 L, with which we ensure the correct filling of containers, while improving the productivity and safety, and we reduce water discharges.

–        The installation of a new reactor of humic acids, enabling us to triple our production capacity, improving productivity and reducing energy consumption.

In addition, during the last half of 2013 we carried out a complete renovation of the overall look of the factory. Particularly noteworthy are the new offices, and two new meeting rooms.

Factory in Albacete

Factory in Albacete


Factory in Albacete

Factory in Albacete. Aerial view

Loading dock. Albacete factory

Loading dock