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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp / Sapec Agro Business acquires French company SDP, entering the adjuvant sector and strengthening its position in specialty crop nutrition across various markets

Tradecorp / Sapec Agro Business acquires French company SDP, entering the adjuvant sector and strengthening its position in specialty crop nutrition across various markets

Sapec Agro Business announces the acquisition of French company SDP, through its subsidiary Tradecorp.

The acquisition of SDP, which has been present in the French market since 1991 and has developed an international network, will allow Tradecorp, the Group’s specialty crop nutrition division, to consolidate its position in certain important markets. SDP’s adjuvants will enhance the Sapec Agro Business global portfolio.

Through its various companies, Sapec Agro Business can now offer a strong portfolio of crop protection products, bio insecticides (through its recent acquisition of Idai Nature), adjuvants and specialty crop nutrition products, including a varied portfolio of high-quality bio stimulants. This consolidated portfolio allows the Group to develop and offer integrated crop management programmes aimed at a more efficient use of agricultural inputs to optimise crop yields, while respecting environmental and health limits.

SDP’s factories, located in Laon and Pinon (France), will strengthen Sapec Agro Business’s production flexibility and capacity, while its open field and greenhouse infrastructure for demo trials will be harnessed to serve the entire Group.

Eric Van Innis, CEO of Sapec Agro Business, explained that the Group’s current strategy is targeted at gaining “a true understanding of clients’ needs to provide tailor-made solutions that help them maximise the quality and yields of their crops, whilst respecting health and environmental constraints.” Van Innis added: “We need to be able to offer a complete service, based on both professional, tailored advice and a comprehensive, unique portfolio of leading solutions.”

Concerning the recent acquisition of SDP, Nicolas Lindemann, Executive Director of Tradecorp, said: “This acquisition brings new synergies and expertise to the group. SDP is an expert in product lines that will complement our own and enable growth. Clients from the entire Sapec Agro Business network will gain access to the company’s know-how and product ranges, thereby maximising their results in the field”. In the long run, the group’s goal is to “develop new lines, twin packs and other ideas that will bring greater added value to the market”.

SDP founder Laurent Steinmann, who has now taken the decision to retire, also commented on the transaction: “We have come a long way since the company was founded in 1991. We have gone from a one-person, one-product company to having over 70 employees and over 70 products in our catalogue. I am confident that this is a great opportunity that will bring success and international growth to SDP”.


About SDP

SDP is a French company that markets a wide range of agricultural products and is specialised in adjuvants. Adjuvants help ensure the effectiveness of the application of other agricultural products, reducing costs per hectare and eventually maximising the return on investment for producers. Founded in 1991, SDP has more than 25 years’ experience in the agricultural market and has undergone remarkable growth and international expansion. It is present in over 20 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.


About Sapec Agro Business

Sapec Agro Business is a pioneer in the agriculture sector with two business areas, Crop Protection and Specialty Crop Nutrition, structured primarily through Sapec Agro and Tradecorp, respectively. The Crop Protection area has a leading position in Southern European markets and is a benchmark in the Iberian region in the manufacture, distribution and sale of unique off-patent products. The Specialty Crop Nutrition area is currently present in around 70 countries. Bolstered by strong growth, Sapec Agro Business’s revenues have increased in recent years from 110 million euros to 300 million euros.

Bridgepoint, which purchased the Group in January 2017, has over 25 years’ experience in the market, having led transactions valued at over 28 billion euros since 2000. Its main goal is to invest in companies with a strong position in their markets and with growth potential. By working directly with the management team of the acquired company, Bridgepoint helps to create value by expanding the business and improving its operations.

The value of the transaction was not disclosed.

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