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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp sponsors the 6th Nutrition and Plant Physiology International Congress

Tradecorp sponsors the 6th Nutrition and Plant Physiology International Congress

The congress, organised by Intagri, an institution dedicated to farming training and technology transfer, will take place from the 12th to the 14th of July in the Hilton Hotel of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Magistral conferences

Over 700 people are expected at this event, that will host magistral conferences such as the following:

  • In vitro, biotechnology and agriculture. Efficient and profitable propagation on a global scale. Dr. Cuauhtémoc Navarro, Agromod, Mexico.
  • Biostimulants: substances and microorganisms for a sustainable improvement in the crops’ performance. Dr. Patrick du Jardin, Liege University, Belgium.
  • Efficient use of the growth regulators to stimulate the development of the roots. Dr. Daniel Díaz Montenegro, Mexican Society of Horticultural Science, Mexico.
  • Improvements in the integration of the inoculums of Arbuscular mycorrhiza in agricultural production, Dr. Ramón Rivera, National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Cuba.
  • Bacteriophage, sustainable solution for the soil’s health. Luis Alfonso Amarillas Bueno. Conference sponsored by Bioteksa.
  • G proteins as molecule markers to prevent plant stress. Luis Alberto Lightbourn Rojas. Lightbourn Research Institute, Mexico.
  • Nutritional dynamic in an aquaponic system for the production of fish and green vegetables. Dr. Joel Pineda. Chapingo Autonomous University, Mexico.
  • Foliage analysis to apply the integrated nutritional diagnostic system (modified DRIS). Dr. Miguel Guzmán Palomino. Almería University, Spain.
  • Exudates of the crops’ roots and their effects on the rhizosphere’s microbiology. Dr. Jorge Manuel Vivanco. Colorado Universidad, USA.
  • Fertigation, experiments on citrics, melons, banana and pineapple. Sc. Eloy Alberto Molina Rojas. Agro economic Research Centre, Costa Rica University.
  • Water desalination technology and main challenges for its use in agriculture. Dr. Salvador Ruíz Carvajal. Baja California Autonomous Universidad, Mexico.


Exhibition Area at 6th Nutrition and Plant Physiology International Congress

Additionally, the event will host an exhibition of posters and an exhibition area where you can come to our booth to learn more about Tradecorp and the solutions we can provide in order to maximize the potential of your crops.

(Video in Spanish)

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