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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp study tours. A visit to Peru, grapes for the whole world.

Tradecorp study tours. A visit to Peru, grapes for the whole world.

Normally when you think about Perú, you may think about Machu Picchu, beautiful landscapes with amazing food, however in Tradecorp we can only see one thing: The grape fields.

The reason why this crop is so important in this small country is because it’s as if everything was tailormade for the growing of all kinds of grapes varieties. Perfect soil, great sunlight and weather conditions as well as lots of knowledge and historical tradition in grape management.

In the last decade, Peruvian table grape exportations have grown from 60,000 t (2009) to 342,500 t (2019), making Perú the third largest exporter of fresh table grapes in the world!

Having all of these factors, Tradecorp must do something about it. We can’t keep these secrets to ourselves, It’s in our DNA to share this precious knowledge.

Bea Leube, technical manager in Asia pacific, was in charge of this difficult mission. “Challenge accepted” as she says.

Dhanashree distributors, all the way from India had the opportunity to see why this knowledge is so well kept. A total immersion into the Peruvian way of growing, managing and harvesting this precious crop.

The visit was mainly around Ica, the biggest production area, but as you can imagine it is very difficult to access the fields, this is why, thanks to Bea and Fertitec, we could meet the local farmers and exchange knowledge with one another from all parts of the world. India, Spain and Perú, what a mix!

We can’t forget to send a big thank to CITEagroindustrial Ica for their big help, opening their fields, giving us the best tips and a lot of time to explain the differences, the why and how they manage their plantations.

We are also very grateful to Dhanashree for being such a fun group. We had the opportunity to contrast many ideas and exchange our cultural ways of seeing the world.

“The visit gave a very good understanding of the grape growing practices in Perú to the visit delegation. These visits were a great learning experience for all of us” Mahesh Damodare, Dhanashree’s founder & director says

“We appreciate the time taken by the Peruvian technicians,their detailed explanations about the grape cultivation practices and answering questions by the grape growers” Rahul Rasal, Dhanashree’s grapes farmer adds

Hope we see you again soon.