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» News » Tradecorp supports World Water Day with Transformer, the solution to manage water efficiently

Tradecorp supports World Water Day with Transformer, the solution to manage water efficiently

Tradecorp, experts in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition, has added Transformer to its portfolio of new-generation products, in response to the current need for sustainable water management. This revolutionary product boosts soil responsiveness in all types of crops. 

According to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*, Farm to Fork** strategy and Common Agricultural Policy***, farmers are called upon to use water in a safe, sustainable way to protect water as an essential natural resource. In line with Tradecorp’s commitment to its growers, this new addition marks a turning point in the industry, offering farmers a readily biodegradable solution that manages water efficiency to transform soil crops.  

Transformer aims to be an effective water optimizer that improves hydraulic properties such as water infiltration, distribution and drainage. Its exclusive formulation reduces water surface

 tension and waterlogging in compacted areas, as well as enhancing conductivity and water retention. 

When applied to soil, it facilitates uniform spreading and distribution through micro pore spaces, enhancing soil aeration, thus enabling water to spread over a larger area, displacing more CO2 and increasing h2O levels, which are essential for microbes and roots.  

Transformer locks in soil moisture, functions as a soil conditioner and wetting agent, facilitates nutrient uptake and helps to improve the nutritional

 balance of crops with a subsequent increase in final yield. 


Water efficiency and soil responsiveness  

The reduction in soil compaction increases aeration and leads to explosive feeder root growth. The increase in root surface area optimizes the uptake of water and nutrients from the soil and improves plants’ ability to withstand temperature and moisture-related stress.  

The Transformer effect on soil responsiveness helps crops to enhance root microbiota, develop healthy, strong roots which increases nutritional intake, and provides an excellent nutritional balance.  

As a result, Transformer facilitates wise, efficient use of water, and reduces hydric and osmotic plant stress. This, in turn, brings major increases in crop yield and quality. 

Transformer is recommended for all crops, and can be applied through drip, microsprinkler and overhead irrigation systems, or directly onto the soil before or after planting. 


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