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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp to Gold Sponsor the World Biostimulant congress this November in Barcelona

Tradecorp to Gold Sponsor the World Biostimulant congress this November in Barcelona

Every two years the World Congress of Biostimulants is held to serve as a place for people working in the agricultural sector to gather, share ideas and discuss new technologies that have been developed for their field. This event is the largest gathering for the biostimulant community, and its goal is to work together to increase the knowledge on this segment and boost productivity and effectiveness of biostimulants. This year, the biostimulant industry will gather in Barcelona on the 18-21 of November.

Effect of Different Biostimulant Products in Heat Stress Response

Several key speakers will be there to present their findings with regards to biostimulants. After a rigorous selection process, Antonio Ferrante, Associate Professor at the University of Milan, Italy, has been asked to present his research on heat stress using three different biostimulant products based on seaweeds and amino acids. The research included the application of the three products onto plants 12 hours prior to heat stress exposure. After comparing the biostimulant plants to control plants, he found that the preventative biostimulants had a positive effect on the plants at a molecular level. Dr. Ferrante’s presentation will be on the 19th at 12:05.

New Range: Biological Products

On top of this presentation, Tradecorp will also present a new range of biological products. This new range of biostimulants has been developed by Microquimica, a Brazilian company acquired by Tradecorp at the beginning of 2019.

Biostimulation 360

With products of different nature, different biostimulating compounds and modes of actions, choosing which biostimulant to use can be confusing to growers. Biostimulation 360 aims to ease decision making and help farmers choose the most convenient product for their specific situation and efficiently overcome abiotic stress.

These recommendations are the result of Tradecorp’s in-depth research in collaboration with renowned institutions, such as, Queen’s University of Belfast (UK), Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain) and the DiSAA of University of Milano (Italy). Over the past 15 years, Tradecorp has also invested in fieldwork and studies that, coupled with the work of these prestigious universities, are what culminated in Biostimulation 360. These results demonstrate the key role biostimulants play in the performance of the crop across its whole cycle, from the moment a seed is set in the field until it provides profitable produce.

Would you like to learn more? Come see us at the World Biostimulant Congress

18-21 November, 2019
Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I – Palau de Congressos de Catalunya
Stand no. 95