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Management System

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Management System

The Tradecorp Management Department has promoted the implementation and development of an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System with the aim of providing a structured process to enable the continuous improvement of the activities developed by the company, as well as its environmental behaviour. The system is intended to form part of the tool that enables the organisation to reach and systematically control the level of quality and environmental behaviour that is proposed.

The requirements of the Integrated Management System focus on the enforcement of the applicable legislation and of other commitments undertaken voluntarily, as well as the objectives that enable us to enter into a process of continuous improvement.

These requirements include:

  • Having an appropriate Management Policy.
  • Identifying the processes necessary for the Integrated Management System, the application of such through the organisation, its sequence and interaction. In addition to an appropriate management of the Risks associated with the production process, and the actions resulting from such.
  • Developing systematic actions for control, follow-up, measurement, audits, corrective measures and reviews, which ensure compliance with the policy, the efficiency of the processes and which guarantee that the Integrated Management System in place is appropriate.
  • Identifying, assessing and registering the environmental aspects and determining which are significant.
  • Being committed to continuous improvement, improvement in environmental performance and the strong commitment to environmental protection.
  • Identifying the legal requirements and other applicable requirements.
  • Establishing appropriate objectives and goals.
  • Having the resources, structure and a programme to support the operation and follow-up of the processes defined, as well as to comply with the policy and reach the objectives and targets set.



The Integrated Management System is based on the requirements specified in the UNE-EN ISO 9001 (Madrid, Sanchidrian and Albacete) and UNE-EN ISO 14001 (Sanchidrian and Albacete) Standards, without exclusion, and is applicable to all activities relating to the development, manufacturing, distribution and sale of fertilisers and micronutrients; and the distribution and sale of phytosanitary products. All these activities are carried out in the Trade Corporation International S.A. facilities throughout Spain.