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Today Tradecorp is a consolidated company with a team of more than 350 professionals, operating on the 5 continents and in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Tradecorp regions

Our offices:

  • Headquarters: Madrid, Spain.
  • Regional office for Europe: Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Regional office for the Middle East, North Africa and South Africa (MENA): El Cairo, Egypt

Subregional offices for the MENA: Morocco, Algeria

  • Regional office for Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Iran (ESA): Brussels, Belgium

Subregional offices for ESA: France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Ireland, Kenya

  • Regional office for South-East Europe and Italy (SEE): Bologna, Italy
  • Regional office for Asia-Pacific (APAC): Australia

Subregional offices for APAC: Korea

  • Regional office for Mexico: Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Regional office for Brazil: Campinas, Brazil
  • Regional office for Latin America: Bogotá, Colombia


Our factories:

FactoryAvila, Spain: We manufacture our chelates in our Ávila plant, which is one of the few factories in the world that is capable of synthesising EDDHA. Here, we manufacture Ultraferro and Tradecorp AZ range, among other products, in this factory.

Albacete, Spain: We manufacture our ranges of liquid fertilisers and some of our solid product ranges in our Albacete plant. The products produced in this factory include Humistar, Humistar WG, the Trafos range and Ruter AA, among others.