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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp will present IsliFe 8.2, the first highly efficient iron chelate with progressive biodegradability, at IsliFe Innovation Forum

Tradecorp will present IsliFe 8.2, the first highly efficient iron chelate with progressive biodegradability, at IsliFe Innovation Forum

In the IsliFe Innovation Forum, Tradecorp will present IsliFe 8.2, its new solution to correct and prevent iron deficiencies, even under unfavorable conditions; such as calcareous and alkaline soils, as well as extreme pH ranges. Thanks to its exclusive chelating agent, IsliFe 8.2 has a unique quality: progressive biodegradability, which combines biodegradability with a high availability of iron throughout the crop cycle.

IsliFe Innovation Forum: an exclusive forum that brings together the value chain  

IsliFe 8.2, the result of over a decade of research, will be presented on July 10th at an exclusive event in Madrid (Spain), the IsliFe Innovation Forum. This forum will be focused on efficiency, environmental sustainability, health and innovation, and will bring together more than 200 representatives from the entire value chain of the agricultural industry. Internationally recognized associations, distributors of agrochemicals, producers and other representatives of the sector from more than 30 countries, will meet in this exclusive convention.

Debate forum on the latest trends in the agricultural sector

In addition to short presentations, the IsliFe Innovation Forum will have three round tables in which experts from different stages of the value chain will discuss the latest trends in the agricultural sector. New consumption habits, the growing environmental awareness and the role innovation plays in this new scenario will be the key topics for discussion. Fernando Arce, Market Strategy Manager of Tradecorp, explains, “IsliFe Innovation Forum is a unique opportunity to learn about the different points of view that new agricultural trends generate in the value chain throughout its different stages. The international profile of the participants,” explains Arce, “will provide added value and enrich the discussion, providing a global vision of these new trends.”

TradExperience: the chemical and agronomic characteristics of IsliFe 8.2

At the IsliFe Innovation Forum, participants will also have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of Tradecorp’s new product, IsliFe 8.2, through experiences that have been specially designed for the occasion. Arranged into two differentiated and didactic stages, TradExperience will have the participation of experts from Tradecorp’s chemical and agronomic teams.

In the first phase, Tradecorp’s chemical team will explain the physical and chemical characteristics that differentiate IsliFe 8.2 from other iron chelates and will delve into progressive biodegradability. During the next phase, Tradecorp agronomists will explain the causes, symptoms and effects of iron chlorosis, as well as the performance of IsliFe 8.2 to prevent and correct it, even in extreme pH conditions.

Marcos Alajarín, part of Tradecorp’s agronomic team and one of the coordinators of the experience, states that, “TradExperience is a circuit that will allow attendees to deepen their understanding of the chemical and agronomic characteristics that make IsliFe 8.2 a unique product, a true innovation for the development of sustainable agriculture”.

The route of liFe: Virtual Reality Experience

The experience will be completed with “The route of liFe”, a 360º, stereoscopic and interactive trip, in which the participants will be able to understand first-hand how soil pH affects the availability of iron, the role that chelates play in the prevention and correction of deficiencies and the differences between different types of chelating agents. During this unique journey, users will travel with the iron through different stages and scenarios; from the absorption of the metal by the roots until it is metabolized and fulfills its role in the nutrition of the plant.