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» News » Corporate news » Tradecorp’s Technical Seminar with Agrifort Technologies in India

Tradecorp’s Technical Seminar with Agrifort Technologies in India

Tradecorp continued its market development and penetration in India with an event, held at Rudrapur in Uttarakhand state in Northern India. This brought together 30 participants from Agrifort Technologies, who had the opportunity of learning about Tradecorp and our differentiated range of products.

The seminar was open by D M Badola, Tradecorp’s Country Manager in India, who spoke about Tradecorp’s fundamentals and strategy. The technical seminar was conducted by Tradecorp’s Technical Manager in India, C P Bonde, who focused on explaining the benefits in quality and yield that Tradecorp’s nutritional programs provide.

The technical training was specific for wheat, rice and potatoes, and focused on the use of the following Tradecorp products:

  • Humistar: Natural Humic Acid to improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil that is OMRI certified.
  • Intake: Starter fertilizer and vegetative promoter based on L-­α Free Amino Acids. It performs synergistically with Humistar when both products are applied together.
  • Phylgreen 200: 100% pure cold extracted seaweed biostimulant from Ascophyllum nodosum, especially effective against climatic stress.
  • Trafos Cu: Liquid Phosphorus & Potassium with systemic Copper, to enhance flowering & fruit setting. Trafos Cu also promotes the natural defenses of the plant in situations of abiotic stress.
  • Amifol K: Concentrated Potassium solution, along with L-α Free Amino Acids, for rapid penetration and high availability of Potassium to enhance fruit development, fruit fill & vibrant skin colour with no scorching risk.

The participants had also the opportunity of asking questions, doubts… and receiving personalized technical advice for the specific needs of farmers in the region.