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World Agriculture Day 2022

Celebrating our partners on World Agriculture Day 

Heat waves, drought, wildfires and energy rationing – just a few things that have marked the summer of 2022 across the world. These changes to our climate are, little by little, putting additional stress on our future food security and threatening the existence of some of our favorite foods such as chocolate, coffee, avocados and even staples like wheat and rice. According to the UN, by 2050 an anticipated 9 billion people will be living on Earth, increasing to 11 billion by the end of the century. While it is a collective responsibility to find ways to sustain our global population, much of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of the agricultural industry.  

So today, on World Agriculture Day, we celebrate them.  

  • We celebrate the growers who we work closely with to address new challenges due to climate change.  
  • We recognize the distributors and storefronts who make the freshest produce and foodstuffs available to all of us. 
  • And we thank all the manufacturers in the industry who are doing their part to identify sustainable solutions to the new issues the agricultural world is facing in order to ensure our food security in the future. 

Growers in particular face a slew of challenges each year in what is an increasingly unpredictable business. Tradecorp works alongside farmers to understand their unique situations and identify the right solution for their crops. This could be utilizing a product to optimize water management (Transformer), and products to activate a stress tolerance mechanism in crops, improving their tolerance to heat stress in the tough summer months (Phylgreen). But growers not only need to adapt their practices to the changing environment, but they also need to ensure they have a productive farm that meets the rising demand and changing taste of consumers. Our boots-on-the-ground approach means that we are there each step of the way for growers to curate the right solution for them and their end users. 

Another hurdle we come up against as an industry is ensuring our solutions are sustainable. In recent years, the concept of sustainable agriculture has gained traction as a viable – and necessary – alternative to intensive, industrial agriculture. While the latter was initially practiced to increase yield, and therefore profits of landowners, the industry is discovering that sustainable methods, such as the use of biostimulants, can also increase yield, improve quality and lead to greater profits without the detrimental environmental effects that often result from intensive farming. Using high-quality and efficient products on crops that aim to get the best out of the soil while also protecting the harvest from abiotic stressors is a promising solution to sustaining our future global population.

Thank you to all of our partners who work tirelessly and passionately to feed us. Today we celebrate you. We are honored to work alongside you!